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Lavande Diva Pays

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Latin Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavender is considered a “must-have” essential oil by aromachology practitioners. Its importance is due to its versatility—it can relieve tension, promote relaxation, and improve the quality of sleep. It is also a valuable beauty product ingredient that promotes skin health, improves skin appearance, and fights acne. Our Lavender Diva is in a class of its own. This queen of lavender essential oils is 100% sourced and produced in the Provence region, it has an elegant, clean character that makes it stand out in comparison to classic Lavender oil. It exhibits a beautiful contrast between the aromatic top notes and the warm ambery drydown. Its freshness is energising, while its sweetness is comforting.


  • Relaxing
  • Cleansing
  • Refreshing
  • Purifying
*These benefits are based on the Alban Muller International database, PCPC and other sources. They are not verified or substantiated by Firmenich. As of today, our ingredients are not intended for use as medicinal products, nor can the dosage and the use as an ingredient produce any pharmacological effect.

Olfactive Description:

Aromatic, fresh, floral, with herbal and warm accents 

Our perfumer’s suggestion:

This delightfully floral lavender oil is perfect for fragrances with aromatic, fougère, and floral accords.

Process: Distillation

Obtained by distillation of stems and flowers with water or steam.



Essential oils should
not be applied undiluted to the skin, and should be used in accordance to
recommended safe use levels per product category. Please refer to the
documentation provided with your products.

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