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Lemon Sfuma

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Latin Name: Citrus Limon

An instant boost and a dose of sunshine. In traditional practices like Ayurveda, lemon essential oil is used to rejuvenate, uplift, and purify. Our lemon essential oil is sparkling and zesty, revealing all of the beautiful facets of this important aromachology ingredient. Our version is colourless, which means that you can use it in high doses to give your compositions many of lemon’s therapeutic benefits—and a mouth-watering citrusy fragrance.


  • Purifying
  • Refreshing
  • Uplifting
  • Stimulating
*These benefits are based on the Alban Muller International database, PCPC and other sources. They are not verified or substantiated by Firmenich. As of today, our ingredients are not intended for use as medicinal products, nor can the dosage and the use as an ingredient produce any pharmacological effect.

Olfactive Description:

Zesty, citral, lemongrass, terpenic.

Our perfumer’s suggestion:

A fresh fruity top note, lemon works perfectly in colognes and aromatic accords. You can also use it to accent floral compositions.

Process: Cold expression

Expression is the name given to all the techniques for producing an essential oil by squeezing citrus peel.



Essential oils should
not be applied undiluted to the skin, and should be used in accordance to
recommended safe use levels per product category. Please refer to the
documentation provided with your products.

For any question on
regulatory and safety please write to us at, or send
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