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Blend: Wellbeing

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GERANIUM, Cardamom, Coriander seed, Peppermint, Blackpepper, Shiu, DREAMWOOD™

Geranium and cardamom are the feature ingredients in this blend, and they are known for their revitalising, purifying, and toning benefits. Wellbeing blend can be used as part of various holistic treatments.

« Designed to ease your mind and recentre your senses with the meditative notes of Geranium and a touch of soft Dreamwood™.»

-Loic Bisceglie, Perfumer


8/10 of consumers
say this fragrance may help them feel good. *

* Consumer Test with 60 women in Germany. Data is provided for information purposes only. The customer is solely responsible for any marketing claims made on a finished product


Essential oils should
not be applied undiluted to the skin, and should be used in accordance to
recommended safe use levels per product category. Please refer to the
documentation provided with your products.

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